I've heard about this festival the past few years but hadn't chance to go witness or shoot it till this year. The only way to describe this festival is to say its like entering into another world a completely EDM world. The attention to detail is mesmerising the production of the stages looks like it has come straight from a film set, which transforms at night with the use of light, smoke, streamers, confetti & pyro. The whole theme and detail is very important to the organisers 'we wanted to create an ice cube with the Tomorrowland logo on, which took months of sampling, if I only get one person to notice it and smile then we have achieved our goal' that level of detail is apparent throughout the entire site and makes the festival truly unique. When you hear that 2.4 million people clicked to buy tickets within the first few seconds of them going on sale you can see the reach it has! Only 180,000 are lucky enough, EDM fans from across the world, Australian, American, Indian, Kenyan, you name it there was a flag for every country. I'll let the photos tell the rest.