Long live the NME

So yesterday was a bit sad to say the least, the last NME that goes to print will be tomorrow's edition.  When I think back about the last 5 years it makes me immensely proud to have shot so much for this great publication.  I've literally been all over this country & abroad shooting mental gigs & features.

It shaped who I am, back when I was 14,15,16 buying copies, making me interested in bands and getting that buzz when seeing them live.  I never knew that I wanted to shoot bands that's the truth, the legends that have shot for NME really inspired me.  I'm very blessed to now be working alongside two of those people.  The print edition may have gone but one thing that will never disappear is all of the amazingly talented people that i've got to know through shooting for NME, be it the glorious Editorial team, the photographers, the project managers, management, pr's and labels (literally too many to name, they know who they are)

If it wasn't for NME believing in me then I wouldn't be writing this now, being a professional photographer is all about adapting and progressing.  I knew that it might not last forever, nothing ever does, but I'm very honoured to have been an NME photographer.  #longlivethenme